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Monday 14th November

Latest Update

Greetings all

The news is not good in relation to The Street Church negotiations.

Late on Wednesday last week I zoomed with the Senior Pastor and Executive Director of The Street Church and received the sad news that they are unable to lease us the space we have been negotiating for the Wellington School. I believe they have worked in good faith and transparently. Most significantly there has been a large amount of prayer in their community as well as ours. We agreed, to provide a clear focus for our project going forward, it is best to look elsewhere.

Because of the limited resources we are working with we have not had the capacity to develop a well advanced back up plan for another property at this point.

We will clearly need to ramp up the site search and make sure adequate resources are directed toward that. We have an active interest in one other site in the CBD at this point and another site in Newlands.

This news makes it very difficult to be able to shift the school for the beginning of 2024. However we remain very committed to achieving this as soon after that as we can.

In the meantime all the parties to the project continue to work hard on;

1. Getting the change of proprietorship from the Peniel Trust changed to the New Zealand Christian Proprietors’ Trust. We expect that to come through very early in the new year. NZCPT is committed to Miramar Christian School for the long term no matter what. The Peniel Trust will continue to own the present site and support NZCPT when it becomes Proprietor.

2. Supporting the Miramar board and staff to keep roll numbers up and continue to work on things required for the site shift. This  includes brainstorming around how things would look for years 19 and consulting with MCS families and all others interested in the project.

We feel sad that for some of you this could require significant adjustment in your planning as a family.  If you no longer wish to be on the expression of interest list, please let us know. If you would like to catch up with Mark in a zoom session please check your email for zoom details or contact me on mlarson.wcep@gmail.com and I can forward the details to you.

 We are actively working on providing transport assistance to enable families to get to Miramar Christian School for 2023 if they wish.

 Be reassured that all the parties to the project are in this for the long-haul. We remain optimistic and are encouraged by all that God has done already.

 "For those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run but not grow weary."

Mark Larson - Wellington Christian Education Project Leader

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